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Wildflower Botanica

Wildflower Botanica combines my work as a Reiki Master, Shamanic healer, 13th Octave LaHoChi Master, Herbalist, and Intuitive to offer a holistic way to balance your body, emotions, and spiritual self.

To schedule, please call or txt me at 843-670-5355.

Payments are preferable in cash. Check, Venmo, and PayPal are also accepted. Please note that there is an additional 3% fee for payments made with Venmo and PayPal.

Cancellations require 24-hours advanced notice; Late cancellations will be charged $100. Thank you for understanding.

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Intuitive Energy Healing Session - $250 (call for appointment)
This session combines sound healing, Reiki energy healing, crystal and plant vibrational healing, and Shamanic healing, along with psychic insights. The first part of the session is focused on grounding, rebalancing your chakras, clearing energetic blockages, and ushering in any healing that calls for acceptance and compassion. The remaining time is focused on integrating the healing energies that present while revealing details of psychic impressions and guidance received. The session begins and ends with herbal tea and connection.

Can be combined with a Customized Herbal Box and Hot Stone Grounding treatment for additional benefits.

13th Octave LaHoChi Energy Healing Session - $250 (call for appointment)
13th Octave LaHoChi is the next step in energy healing available to humanity, in which the body’s own natural healing abilities are activated and nurtured. Gifted to us by the Archangels and Ascended Masters, it is a quantum energy healing that brings in a very high frequency of light into one’s physical and energetic bodies through a process of conscious union with Source/Divine.

The energy accessed through the 13th Octave LaHoChi reweaves the energy field, restoring meridians, activating the higher chakras and expanding the energetic body. It awakens and anchors greater physical awareness and pleasure, and above all, deepens a profound sense of awareness of connection and gratitude with the Self and the Divine.

“La” means Light and Love of God. “Ho” means Movement. “Chi” refers to Life Force. As such, LaHoChi is the movement of light into your body at the speed of Love. Transmitted through gentle touch on the body along with the use of Lemurian Crystals, LaHoChi is a deeply transformative and restorative experience.

Can be combined with a Customized Herbal Box and Hot Stone Grounding treatment for additional benefits.
Virtual Energy Check In & Tune Up - $150 (call for appointment)
This session is held virtually providing you the flexibility to receive an energy tune up remotely. This flow of the session is tailored to what you need and includes a combination of connection, intuitive guidance, sound and energy healing. Perfect for existing clients who want to check in and receive energy healing remotely in between in-person sessions, or for anyone on the go that isn't available for an in-person session.
Reiki 1 Training - $425
Designed for those who prefer to learn in a small group environment, each Reiki training accommodates up to four people, allowing for a more intimate, personal and artisanal experience.

Trainings are one-day intensives hosted at Wildflower Botanica, where you have access to a serene indoor environment and the outdoor gardens and waterfalls. Herbal tea, healthy snacks, and a beautiful, organic lunch is provided at each training.

In addition, personal check in and support during integration is provided after the training, and follow-up practice and training opportunities are offered to all trainees.

Shoden, Level One:
-Learn Usui Lineage and the history of Reiki
-Learn about the Chakra system and the basics of subtle energy body
-Receive Reiki One symbol Attunement
-Learn Reiki Prayer
-Learn the three pillars of Reiki and practice Reiki meditation
-Learn basic hand positions
-Practice Reiki


Session Add On: Hot Stone Grounding - $35 (call for appointment)
Though the use of hot stones targeting areas of tension in your body, additional attention is paid to grounding you at the end of your healing session and anchoring the healing benefits brought in through energy healing.

The origin of hot stones travels back to India, progressing across the world to the Indigenous tribes of North America. Indigenous tribes used the hot stones in the sweat lodge ceremonies performed to purify and heal the human soul. All over the world hot stones have been used to relieve physical or spiritual tension.
Session Add On: Customized Herbal Box - $45 (call for appointment)
Imagine herbal remedies prepared with locally grown and foraged plants and then customized specifically for you. My customized herbal boxes are just that. When herbals are added onto energy healing sessions, guidance is given for how to use plants for integration and healing.


One-on-one Healing Ceremony - $444 (call for appointment)
Ceremony is a beautiful way to bring in deep healing and return to a place of greater wholeness and love. With ceremony, we build a container that presents the opportunity for an extraordinary experience to unfold – a new way of experiencing yourself and your connection to your spirit and to the world.

The need for healing ceremony often appears during times of transitions occurring in our life. This can be before or after giving birth, when experiencing loss and grief, when in the experience of chronic or life changing illness or trauma, or when you are being called to transform and welcome change into your life in some way. Your soul always knows the way, listen to the nudge within you.

The ceremony that I offer is a one-to-one process designed to hold space for you to work through healing on the deepest level, in a complete safe and held space. This process opens a profound opportunity for personal growth and spans the course of approximately two weeks.

Each ceremony is tailored specifically to what you need, and involves as pre-ceremony tea ceremony gathering and discussion around your needs and your intention for your ceremony, as well as a post-ceremony integration sound healing session. The total time for our time together for all steps of this process is 4 hours. Additional coaching, mentoring and support is offered outside of this time.

Sacred space for the ceremony is curated specifically for the individual, bringing in high vibrational crystals, flowers, and plant spirits to assist in the healing.

You leave with a customized herbal box to bring home to support the process of the healing to land in your mind/body/spirit through gentle and beautiful integration tools tailored just for you.

Ceremony offers a beautiful way to step deeper into your heart and to welcome in a deeper relationship with yourself during these meaningful and tender moments in your life.


Soul Profile Reading - $250 (call for appointment)
This reading helps you understand the origin of your soul and your soul's key personality characteristics. These readings provide a deeper understanding of self and others, are excellent tools for creating more understanding within our relationships. This reading is especially beneficial for parents and children, for long-term romantic partnerships, and for siblings.
Soul Relationship Reading - $333 (call for appointment)
This reading explores your soul's relationship with another, the impact you've had on each other through lifetimes (both positive and negative), and reveals how the relationship can continue to grow and benefit each other in this lifetime. This reading is highly beneficial for parents and children, for long-term romantic partnerships, for siblings, or best friends.

My readings are recorded. I send the reading to you either via txt or in a Google Drive folder. After you listen, we schedule a follow-up phone call where you can ask me any questions.
Soul Realignment Reading - $525 (call for appointment)
This reading is deep therapy at the soul level. If you are seeking to dramatically improve your life and release the major roadblocks that have held you back, then this is the reading for you. This reading helps you understand your soul's true nature and how the choices you've made throughout your many past lifetimes have helped to shape your current life experience. This reading helps you understand the changes you can make in your life to align yourself to your highest potential.

My readings are recorded. I send the reading to you either via txt or in a Google Drive folder. After you listen, we schedule a follow-up phone call where you can ask me any questions.
Spirit Guide Reading - $333 (call for appointment)
Get to know your Spirit Guides! This reading identifies the guides on your Spirit Team, including information about their soul origin and personality, how they get your attention, what their role and purpose is in how they support you, and any messages they have for you at this time. This reading empowers you with a deeper understanding of the loving and compassionate spirits that guide and support you in your life.

My readings are recorded. I send the reading to you either via txt or in a Google Drive folder. After you listen, we schedule a follow-up phone call where you can ask me any questions.


Customized Herbal Box (call for appointment)
Imagine herbal remedies prepared with locally grown and foraged plants and then customized specifically for you, when you need it. My customized herbal boxes are just that.

For over 10 years I’ve been immersed in the ancestral ways of healing inspired by plants and the natural world. My work as a folk herbalist utilizes ancient wisdom and plant spirit medicine to heal ourselves as well as our relationship with the Earth.

Customized herbal boxes can be added onto energy healing sessions for an additional amount. Prices range from $20 t and will be confirmed after a pre-session consultation.

Customized herbal boxes are also available for pick up and delivery (with a delivery fee) in the coastal and peninsula areas south of San Francisco. Phone consultation required.

Shipping not yet available.


Land & Property Clearing (call for appointment)
Just like we as humans benefit from energy work, so does the land and the properties we inhabit! With a land and property clearing, I am able to identify and clear any stuck, dense energy while ushering in more peace, harmony and ease.

My clearing always begins with a focus on the land first, making peace and providing healing to the Earth and the land spirits. I then build upon this healing container to work with the energy inside a property, clearing out dense stagnant energy and lower vibrational energy stuck in the space and rebalancing the space to hold a higher, brighter vibration and frequency.

The process for scheduling a space clearing begins with a consultation. We discuss what is going on and then an estimate for the clearing will be provided before scheduling.

All land and property clearings include coaching you on how to support the energy of your home with monthly clearing ritual. As part of the coaching, I make a customized home clearing kit that you can use, and I teach you how to use it. We can all work the energy of our spaces with intention and practice!


Tea & Connection: Exploratory Call - $25 (call for appointment)
This session is a wonderful way to check in and see if my offerings are a good fit for you. During our 30 minutes, you are able to share what you are working through and I will share more about my offerings and answer any questions you might have. We close with an Oracle card reading and a recommendation on next steps for energy healing. A perfect conversation for a cup of tea and an open heart!
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